PRISM is a unique recruitment and job search tool that matches institutions in higher education with diverse talent.

Changing the Face of Higher Education

It's a fact: America's postsecondary workforce does not reflect the rich diversity of the student populations attending its colleges and universities. Employees from underrepresented backgrounds are often clustered on our campuses in low-paying roles like food service, custodial, groundskeeping, and secretarial, and are rarely found at top of those schools' professional and financial hierarchies: faculty, directorships, deanships, provosts, vice presidents, and, of course, presidents.

PRISM aims to transform that picture.

Real Diversity, Real Benefits

PRISM builds networksPart of the USC Race and Equity Center, PRISM is a three-pronged initiative that aims to transform recruiting, hiring, and professional development at postsecondary institutions. By combining a searchable database and recruitment tool, a networking platform for racially diverse employees, and a professional development resource for employers and job seekers, it aims to connect employers with diverse professionals who want to work in higher education.

The benefits to institutions and students alike of a diverse workforce are clear. Diverse workforces have been shown to be more productive, more creative, more responsive to their constituents, markets and customers.