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PRISM is brand new, and we will be rolling out new features regularly. Are you interested in asking for something specific?

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December, 2018: PRISM Early Subscriber Program begins
January, 2019: PRISM opens to institutions
January 2019: Institutional portal enhancements
January 2019: PRISM users can follow institutions on platform
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Professional Groups

Connect with like-minded professionals and scholars to further advance your research, discuss topics of interest, and collaborate.

Anticipated release: January 2019
Progress: In Development


words matter

Exclusionary Language Checker

Check your job announcement language to ensure that you haven't unintentionally added language that will feel exclusionary to a specific demographic. When you run the checks, we will help you understand why the language is problematic, and provide alternative words that will help you make your job announcements more inclusive.

Anticipated release: January 2019
Progress: In development


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Mobile Application

Find your next position, diversify your team, and connect with like-minded scholars on the go, directly from your mobile device.

Anticipated release: 2021
Progress: In research phase 


and so much more...

We are working hard to bring you a diversity hiring and professional development resource that will be a foundation for building strong professional relationships, scholarly collaborations, and academic teams.