Frequently Asked Questions

What, exactly, is PRISM?

PRISM is a diversity hiring and professional development tool designed to foster greater inclusivity in the ranks of higher education staff, faculty, researchers, and administrators. Why PRISM?


Why do I need a personal profile to sign up my institution?

PRISM is a space that brings people together, which means that individuals must be accountable for their behavior in the overall network. This includes those who are on PRISM to find prospects and post job announcements. For this reason, you will access PRISM through a personal account first, and then you will gain access to institutional tools after subscribing or being invited to an already subscribed institution.


I wanted to sign up my institution, but it is already on PRISM. What do I do?

Once an institution is subscribed to PRISM, anyone within the institution has the right to use it. If you know who within your institution set up the account, you might reach out to them directly for access. You can also do this through PRISM without knowing who the contact is, by clicking "Request Access" when looking at the institutional profile. If this does not work, please contact us for assistance


My institution is already on PRISM, but our department/school/unit would like our own account. Can we do this?

Yes. If you would like your own separate account and school profile on PRISM, you are welcome to subscribe separately. Be aware that you will appear as a separate institution on PRISM.


Why are you asking for my race, gender, and sexual orientation?

This information will help us build stronger and more inclusive resources, as it will give us the ability to generate reports outlining how demographics are (and are not) using and succeeding with PRISM. Data from these reports will inform our ongoing improvements and feature development, enabling us to ensure a more powerful inclusive application. This information is private and will not display on your public profile.


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